Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez

Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez is an illegal alien. He is also a pedophile, and his story is featured on America’s Most Wanted. Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez is wanted for sexual assault on a minor child. He was initially arrested in 1997, but according to AMW he managed to make bail and then poof! He disappeared into thin air!

Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez may have returned to his homeland of Mexico (although the sexual assaults took place in Hartford, CT,) he has family in Oaxaca. Past history shows that when Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez consumes alcohol his mood becomes verbally and physically aggressive and abusive.

If you have seen this pedophile please call local authorities immediately. Carlos has many identifying tattoos on his body. The descriptions of Carlos and his tattoos is posted on AMW website. He can alter his appearance but he cannot hide his tattoos!

Remember to use extreme caution when in the presence of this man. Do you know where this pedophile is hiding? Please call authorities if you have information about Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez, and thank-you for looking out for America’s Children.


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