Darwin Award Nomination

Interestingly his name was James Looney. Mr. Looney lived in Imperial Missouri and I believe should be nominated for a Darwin Award. For those NOT familiar with the Darwin awards, the prestigious awards are usually given posthumously to one who has self-obliterated him or herself in a non-conventional way. Read on to find out exactly why James Looney, age 40, should receive this award. Trying to do a good thing Mr. Looney decided to give his girlfriend a homeschooled lesson on gun safety.

Yes, alcohol was involved – in some aspects I guess that it is a good thing alcohol was involved as I would hate to believe any sane or intellectual person would do what James did, but not have alcohol as an excuse for the end result. Mr. Looney decided to get out several guns and show his significant other how to set the safety on each gun. Next, James Looney, put his guns one at a time to his head, and asked her if she thought the safety was set correctly, and they were the first two times. The third time being the charm…well let’s just say this time the safety was NOT set correctly.

Now as my husband noted, “somewhere in gun safety classes I believe you are taught NEVER to point any weapon at anyone or anything you do not intend to shoot”. Why then did James point the gun to his head, and a better question might be why did he actually pull the trigger? Sadly, James Looney died by a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, in his personal game of Russian roulette.

I suppose he was trying to do the right thing and teach his significant other what NOT to do with a gun, and in the end, I imagine this is one lesson regarding gun safety she will NEVER forget! Although, I have NEVER exactly figured out exactly why Missouri is called the Show Me state…but I am beginning to understand exactly what THAT means.


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