Dennis Earl Bradford

Dennis Earl Bradford was identified through DNA to be the man whom kidnapped and raped an 8 year old little girl in 1990. That eight year old girl was left for dead in a field, after having her throat slashed. The case was considered cold until recently when DNA advancements positively identified Dennis Earl Bradford a 41 year old Welder who lives in Little Rock Arkansas.

The DNA matched to DNA collected in another rape case from 1996. Recently Jennifer Schuett’s (that little eight year old girl who was left for dead in 1990) teamed up with America’s Most Wanted to find the man who tried to steal her life. That little brave 8 year old girl is now 27 and has shown incredible courage. She is an inspiration to children and woman across this nation.

The authorities have arrested Dennis Earl Bradford and charged him in the kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder of Jennifer Schuett’s. The world may be a little safer tonight with Bradford in jail. Soon Jennifer Schuett’s will have her day in court.


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