The Balloon Over Colorado

A boy maybe floating above Colorado…in a home-made balloon.

Authorities are trying to determine HOW to rescue the 6 year old boy believed to be inside the balloon, alone. The boy and his father made a home-made flying saucer shaped aircraft out of aluminum foil and plywood in the family yard. Yet, somehow the flying saucer took off this morning possibly with the little boy inside. Those tracking the home-made balloon report it is floating around 8, 000 feet and that one side of the balloon appears to be deflating. The balloon is approximately “20 feet long and 5 feet deep”, according to the 7News article. Pictures of the balloon cause one to envision one of those Jiffy Pop popcorn containers from the 1970’s.

UPDATE: The boy who may be in the balloon is reported to be six year old Falcon Heene who lives near Fort Collins Colorado. The airport is diverting traffic away from the area where Falcon Heene maybe floating.

UPDATE: According to the balloon has crashed and the boy is not inside the balloon.

WHO identified initially the boy was inside the balloon? HOW did the balloon get untethered? WHERE have authorities searched for the little boy? If the little boy accidentally released the balloon he may believe he will be punished if he was not inside the balloon? Start from the beginning and re-question and begin a new search.


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