Daily Archives: October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy Story Crashing Quickly

I am overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, and increasingly puzzled as I watch and review an interview conducted by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interview with the Heene family yesterday after the Heene’s 6 year old son Falcon Heene was found alive and safe inside his home…yet today that story maybe crashing to the ground. No one really knows what exactly happened inside the Heene household yesterday while a nation prayed for and frantically searched for a 6 year old boy believed to be missing and possibly flying over the state of Colorado in a home-made balloon.

The family says that Falcon Heene had been reprimanded earlier in the day and hid in the attic above the garage inside a box. While in the box Falcon says he played with his toys and even took a nap. Yet, when the Heene’s ask Falcon during the interview “did you hear us calling you” and Falcon replies “yes” they seem surprised. Next Falcon is asked “why didn’t you come out or answer when we called you?” Then Falcon appears to look at first his mother and then his father as if looking to his parents for cues before he responds with – “um mm you guys said, um mm we did this for the show.”

It is at this point that Richard Heene stops looking at the camera and stiffens, then becomes very uncomfortable when Wolf Blitzer asks him to clarify with his son what he meant by “we did this for the show.” Richard Heene appears to have a reddening of his face and becomes very uncomfortable with the line of questioning that he feels CNN is leading his son to imply.

“I see where you are going with this line of questioning” Richard Heene tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. The link to the video interview is here and I am interested in your opinion if you have already seen it or are just now watching Wolf Blitzer’s interview with the Heene family. I do not by nature wish to doubt anyone’s credibility. Yet, I am wondering if this indeed was a badly planned out publicity stunt?

In reality, if anyone is able to prove this was a publicity stunt, I feel that the Heene’s should be required to pay the state of Colorado every cent that was spent on the frantic search and attempted rescue of their six year old son Falcon Heene. I am sickened as a parent, behavioral medicine RN, and editor of BellaOnline’s Missing and Exploited Children Website to think that adults would endanger their children’s well-being and the caring citizens of Colorado in order to promote their own personal well-being.

I am all too familiar with adults who try to manipulate children for their personal gain and I pray that this is not the case in this situation. Please feel free to comment here after you have viewed the interview between Wolf Blitzer, and the Heene family. I want to know how you feel after hearing the comment made by Falcon and seeing the reaction of his parents. I am thankful Falcon Heene is safe and that the search is over, but I am a little uncomfortable at how quickly the story of Falcon Heene, Colorado’s Balloon Boy is crashing.