Daily Archives: October 17, 2009

Richard Heene Faces Charges From Police or FAA

Richard and Mayumi Heene spent several hours at the Sheriff’s department Saturday being re-questioned regarding the incident earlier this week involving one of Richard’s experiments. According to CNN News, charges may be filed against Richard or Mayumi by police as early as Sunday. Questions remain about what exactly may have happened when Richard Heene’s flying saucer type Mylar silver balloon went airborne from the Heene’s backyard.

Other questions have come to light and remain unanswered since the couple’s six year old son Falcon Heene made a comment about “you said we did this for the show.” After that comment Richard Heene appeared very uncomfortable with further questioning by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who was hosting the Larry King Live Show at the time.

The story about Falcon Heene possibly being inside the unmanned aircraft and flying solo over Colorado caused many people to stop their daily activities and stand vigilantly watching the story unfold on CNN and the internet. Air and ground rescues costing thousands and endangering many lives were initiated to track the balloon and then to search for the boy who was not inside the balloon at the time it landed 2 hours after floating away from the Heene’s Fort Collins Colorado neighborhood.

The balloon was apparently a family project that all the Heene’s worked on at times. Falcon Heene told reporters after “appearing” out of nowhere that he hid in the attic in a box above the family’s garage because “he yelled at me”. He refers to Richard Heene. It was Bradford Heene, Falcon’s older brother who reportedly not only saw, but videotaped Falcon climbing inside the balloon.

At the time the balloon escaped the Heene’s were video taping and the home shot video clearly shows there was no other basket or box underneath the balloon at the time. Why then did Richard or Mayumi Heene not clarify that information while there was great debate and speculation that the box/basket may have fallen off from the balloon, possibly with Falcon Heene inside, after it was airborne.

Additional concerns have been voiced about the many interviews the Heene’s have placed the family in since Falcon was found alive, including two interviews that have caused the boy to vomit while being questioned further about the incident. No one is forcing the Heene’s to be interviewed and the stress it is placing on Falcon is obvious through the television and computer screens.

There are concerns voiced by those who wonder about the Heene’s taking their children into dangerous situations such as chasing storms and tornadoes. The authorities have notified Family Services to further investigate if this activity is appropriate, and safe for the Heene children.

Sunday may prove to be an interesting day depending on the news that is released from authorities in Colorado.