Daily Archives: October 18, 2009

Balloon Incident Declared a Hoax

CNN News is reporting that the balloon incident last week in Fort Collins Colorado has been determined by the Sheriff to have been a publicity stunt. The balloon incident involving the Heene family is officially denounced as a hoax. How sad I feel for six year old Falcon Heene. I cannot imagine his emotional turmoil at this time. Falcon has already been placed repeatedly in the spotlight by his parents Richard and Mayumi Heene since the story broke last week when a nation watched anxiously as a BIG silver balloon floated over Colorado, fearing six year old Falcon Heene was possibly onboard.

In the end it was a child’s innocent response to one question that was asked during Larry King Live hosted by Wolf Blitzer that sparked a debate as to whether the whole balloon incident may have been a publicity stunt or hoax. Falcon Heene’s response to the question did you hear mom or dad calling you…lead to “if you heard us calling you why didn’t you come out” asks Richard Heene. Then Falcon looks surprised and confused as he looks at his mom and dad for guidance as he says “because you said we did this for the show”.

At that time Richard Heene became obviously flustered answering “yes” and then trying to get his son to clarify what did “for the show” mean. When his innocent little boy failed to save him, the father turns his anger toward Wolf Blitzer and CNN News saying “I am appalled as to where this line of questioning is leading”.

Falcon Heene will likely deal with deep emotional scars in the years ahead as his parents face legal and monetary issues regarding this incident. I hope Falcon Heene learns soon that it was an adult decision for whatever he was told to do, and adults are the ones responsible for teaching their children right from wrong.

How horrid this boy was made to stay in an attic above the garage by himself while the nation waited in fear as a balloon floated over Fort Collins Colorado. How many lives were endangered in the air and ground search and rescue efforts? How many lives were delayed as planes were diverted around the low flying balloon shaped like a flying saucer shaped balloon on commercial flights? How many thousands of dollars were spent looking for a boy whom his parents knew was safe the whole time and may have taken away from someone who had a real need that day?

I am simply appalled at the audacity of some parents who will use children to play the system. Falcon Heene please know America loves you and is so happy you are safe and sound, and I am so sorry that the adults in your life made bad choices for you and your brothers. For now I will pray for the Heene family as I simply do not know what else to do. I pray that angels fly above, fly below and fly all around the Heene’s, especially Bradford, Ryo, and Falcon in the trying days ahead.

According to CNN News Mayumi Heene has admitted that her husband Richard Heene built the homemade balloon strictly in preparation for a hoax to make the family more marketable on reality television. The Heene’s instructed all three of their children on what to say to authorities and that their son Falcon was safe at home the whole time.

Halloween Illegal Alien Costume Controversy

A Halloween costume depicting an illegal alien is at the hot seat of controversy according to CNN News. Apparently people with friends who are illegal aliens living in these United States are voicing upset at the costume which sports a familiar orange prison type jumpsuit, the words illegal alien across the back, a space alien mask, and a fake green card. A second version of the costume has an orange jump suit, the words illegal alien across the back, a green card and a space alien mask with a ball cap and a handle bar mustache.

This costume is upsetting the illegal immigrants of our country. Seriously? Who cares! Let me get this political correctness straight for the record… There are illegal aliens (people whom have entered the USA) by sneaking over the border or letting their work visa expire and we are suppose to care that a Halloween costume is offending them? I say tell the illegal aliens that are upset, GO HOME!

According to the article in the Chicago Tribune, The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, known as CHIRLA, “began receiving e-mails from concerned legal immigrants on Friday” and CHIRLA “wrote a letter asking several retailers, including Target, Walgreens, and Amazon, to stop offering the costume”.

One man interviewed for the story was Guillermo Iglesias. Mr. Iglesias, found the costume offensive “because it depicted illegal immigrants as not one of us.” Apparently both his parents were illegal immigrants, and he has several illegal immigrant friends in the USA. Honestly… I think a judge should request a court-order to check Mr. Iglesias’ cell phone records and emails and deport those illegal immigrant friends of his living here. The truth be told Mr. Iglesias, illegal immigrants are not one of us. Those of us whom are residents of the United States are here legally. THAT is the way it should be.

Jay Leno had previously commented about illegal immigration and Homeland Security, “You read about all these terrorists, most of them came here legally, but they hung around on these expired visas, some for as long as 10-15 years. Now, compare that to Blockbuster, you’re two days late with a video and those people are all over you. Let’s put Blockbuster in charge of immigration”!
Does anyone else find this is ridiculously insane that we are worried about upsetting those people who are here illegally? Grow up America; this politically correct BS is turning America into a land of wussies!