Richmond High School Homecoming Dance Ends in Rape

Imagine your high school homecoming dance. The king and queen of homecoming are announced and the crowd cheers and claps and watches as the pair make their way up front to receive their homecoming crowns. Now imagine another couple, this time the couple is having sex…on campus. When you look closer it is not consensual sex but a rape. Just like when there is a fight after school the word quickly spreads about what is happening and where.

Soon, a crowd gathers, at least 15 young men watch while a 15 year old girl is raped, repeatedly. Some of the boys watching will decide to take their turn and also rape the 15 year old girl. Yet, not one of these young men, teen boys, fellow students will think to call for help, or tell a teacher, or dial 911. No one feels any need to try and stop a girl from being raped. What is this world coming to when it is alright to stand around as a young woman is raped at her homecoming dance on school property and no one tried to help?

American’s have become so non-complacent that we are raising a bunch of socio-paths. These same young men that laughed or stared or participated will one day be our leaders, surgeons, teachers, parents, president. This girl will live with what happened to her for the rest of her life. I hope anyone who knew this was happening; who watched it happen and did nothing is never able to go to sleep without first seeing the face of the girl who was brutally attacked by her peers.

One individual was identified as a previous student of Richmond High School and was detained when he ran from the scene as police officers arrived on the scene just after midnight. This male Manuel Ortega Nineteen-year-old Manuel Ortega is under arrest and believed to be the “leader” of the pack. He is expected to be charged with multiple charges including rape and kidnapping.

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