Richard Heene Claims Family Privacy Violated

Richard and Mayumi Heene have been accused of using their children in a hoax. Mayumi Heene has confessed in an affidavit that her husband’s balloon stunt was a planned out hoax. Now Richard Heene wants the sheriff charged for violating his privacy.

The Heene’s call 911 telling them their child is floating above Colorado in a homemade balloon that resembles a giant jiffy pop and allow the public to believe their child is in danger for hours. Then act surprised that millions of people feel deceived and instead of owning up to what he has done he begins to attack those that tried to help him and his family.

Yes, there is a statue that prohibits the sheriff from telling anyone that the family is being investigated by child protective services, yet when you place your family on national television and say your child is missing and floating above the earth you lose all rights to privacy. The temper seen on a brief homemade video by the Heene’s as the balloon floated off is frightening. I cannot imagine how the temper flared toward Falcon after he said on national television during a Wolf Blitzer CNN interview, “you said we did it for the show”.

Placing your children knowingly in danger is unacceptable. Richard Heene has certainly made it evident that taking his small children into the eye of a storm multiple times is family fun and not cause for concern. Frightening!


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