Trenton Duckett – Missing Child

This is an age-enhanced picture of what Trenton Duckett might look like today. Trenton Duckett was two years old when he went missing from Leesburg Florida. According to his mother Melinda Duckett she tucked him into his bed @ 7 p.m., yet just 2 hours later she called authorities to report her son missing. The screen to his window was cut. Trenton Duckett lived with his mom at the Windemere Villa apartments.

Melinda Duckett committed suicide by a single gunshot at her grandparent’s home two weeks after reporting her son missing. Trenton Duckett has been missing for three years and would now be five years old. In August on the three year anniversary of his son’s disappearance Josh Duckett held a candle light vigil for his son. He continues to believe his son is alive and will be found.

Trenton Duckett is now four years old, and as of August 27th he has been missing for two years. Do you know where Trenton Duckett is or what happened to this little boy? Please contact the Leesburg Florida police or your local law enforcement with any information, you can remain anonymous.


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