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Dangers of GPS Systems

Almost everyone has a GPS in their car or a GPS system on their cell phone. Important information regarding GPS systems can be found in the following article at BellaOnline’s Missing and Exploited Children website. Pleas if you have a GPS system read the article, Dangers of GPS Systems, from BellaOnline’s Missing and Exploited Children website, and you may save your family from tragedy.

What is so important to know about GPS systems? Most GPS systems have a home button, which gives step-by-step directions from wherever you are directly to YOUR home. What happens if your car is broken into and your GPS falls into the hands of thieves? They only need to hit the home button to get step-by-step directions to your unattended home…

Think you have nothing to worry about? Do not be so sure until you read the article and learn how to keep your family safe.

Needles Inside Brazil Boy

Doctors in Brazil have found dozens of sewing needles inside a two year old boy. The mother claims to have no idea how the needles got inside the boy. The child was brought to the hospital after fussing for several days. When a radiological exam was performed the needles were quite visible inside the boy. Initially medical experts were puzzled as to how the needles found their way inside the boy. That is until his step father Roberto Carlos Magalhaes a Brazilian bricklayer confessed to ritualistic torture of his two year old step-son over several months. Roberto Carlos Magalhaes told Brazilian Police that he “wanted to kill the boy to get back at his partner.” Angelina Ribeiro dos Santos, whom may have been Roberto Carlos Magalhaes lover, and she may have faked trances telling the step-father to stick the needles into the boy so they could be together.

The toddler has had several surgeries to remove needles that threatened his internal organs and his spine and his condition is listed as improving. Sadly many of the needles will be irretrievable which I imagine will cause the toddler a lifetime of pain. Seriously who does this to a child? I believe an eye for an eye, only size is relative so the man and his lover should have finishing nails shoved into their bodies daily for the rest of their lives. How vindictive can one person actually be to another person and why is it people who want to get even with their spouse or significant other always choose to use the children? I just do not get this world. Simply, sick!

A Christmas Miracle and Tragedy

Natalie Rose Flores is safe thanks to an amber alert and astute police work. The little 5 year old girl was taken in a stranger abduction from her apartment complex in Phoenix Arizona @ 1415 in the afternoon. Police issued an amber alert. Later an officer noticed the same vehicle described in the amber alert and after a brief police chase the girl was rescued. Police are calling this a “Christmas miracle.”

Unfortunately in Salisbury Maryland there was no Christmas miracle, only tragedy, for 11-year-old Sarah H. Foxwell who disappeared Tuesday from her eastern shore home. Sarah Foxwell’s body was found on Christmas near the Delaware state line in a wooded area. Police have arrested is Thomas J. Leggs Jr., 30, a registered sex offender. Thomas J. Leggs is allegedly the last person seen with the little girl, and knew Sarah H. Foxwell’s aunt, Amy Fothergill. Sarah’s aunt apparently was her legal guardian.

According to a story for Yahoo News, a “juvenile witness saw Sarah leave with Tommy in the middle of the night” and a toothbrush missing from her home was found in Leggs pickup truck. According to the national sex offender registry Thomas J. Leggs Jr. was a high risk child offender previously convicted for rape of a person under 16. In addition to this charge he has a long and current arrest history involving assault, burglary, and property damage. Not surprisingly Leggs was not cooperative when questioned by police in the disappearance of Sarah H. Foxwell.

Prayers for Emerson

Emerson White is a little girl whom I began following a few years ago. Emerson has been through two multi-organ transplants, and has spent much of her short life in the Omaha Children’s Hospital. She has been through more in her three short years of life than many adults face in a lifetime or can ever imagine!

Emerson is stronger than anyone I know except her incredible mom Erika (not this Erika)! Erika White has kept a running journal on Emerson’s progress and struggles at and her writing is emotive. Sadly, the White’s are spending another Christmas apart as Emerson is hospitalized again in Omaha while father, Jim White, and 2 brothers, Colin and Bradley live in Colorado, the White’s hometown. Please take a moment to keep them in your prayers as you gather with your family and friends. If you can take a moment to say a prayer or read about Emerson you will not regret getting to know this incredible princess warrior. I love you Emerson and Erika!

Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas. Please take a moment to remember those who are serving our country and unable to be with family. Thank you to those men and women who have chosen to serve and protect our country. In addition thank you to our service families who sacrifice so much when someone is serving in our forces. I pray that you will find peace, love, hope and joy in the holidays, until your loved one returns home. Know that I will continue to pray for their safe return. Merry Christmas!

Sean Goldman International Custody Battle Ends

Sean Goldman now 9 years old has finally been reunited with his dad David Goldman at the American Consulate in Brazil after a 5-year custody battle. Initially Sean Goldman went with his biological mother Bruna Bianchi to visit relatives Brazil when he was 4 years old for a 2 week vacation. Yet Bruna Bianchi failed to return to the USA, filing for divorce and eventually remarrying an influential Brazilian lawyer, named Joao Paulo Lins E Silva.

Sean Goldman became a boy stuck in the middle of an international 5 year custody dispute. To make a very long story short, last year Bruna Bianchi Sean’s mom died while in the process of delivering another child. Joao Paulo Lins E Silva, a prominent divorce lawyer and Sean’s stepfather obtained temporary custody of Sean Goldman, continuing the fight to keep Sean in Brazil with his maternal grandmother’s family.

This week the Brazilian courts ruled that Sean Goldman is to return to the USA with his father David Goldman. David Goldman lives in New Jersey. How tragic that a parent, a mother would choose to kidnap her child across international boundaries and keep a son from his father. Now perhaps a father and son can reunite and begin the process of reuniting with each other at home. Merry Christmas David Goldman and with your son by your side this can only be a good year ahead in 2010.

Heene’s Sentenced for Balloon Hoax

Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi appeared in court, and according to CNN’s report the couple pleads not guilty. Richard Heene’s lawyer told the court his client accepted full responsibility and asked for his wife not to go to jail. Both received time in jail, 4 years probation, and 100 (Richard) and 120 (Mayumi) hours of community service. The couple can in no way profit from the balloon hoax involving their son Falcon Heene. Restitution was ordered but specifics were not given.

Mayumi Heene will be allowed to serve her jail time after her husband is done serving his time. His time will begin January 11th and after serving a full 30 days in jail he will be allowed to complete the last 60 days in a work release program. Mayumi Heene was given the option of serving her time over weekends consecutively allowing her to be home during the week. Personally I would be going in on the weekends and allowing super dad of the year to take care of his kids while mom gets to rest.

I cannot imagine the fall out Falcon Heene may have received in the days initially following his words on National television as the family was interviewed by Wolfe Blitzer on CNN saying “you said we did it for the show.” Falcon Heene looked confused and uncertain as he looked to mom and then dad for guidance. Hopefully the children will receive counseling and understand that they are in no way to be blamed for the actions and choices of the parents.