Heene’s Sentenced for Balloon Hoax

Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi appeared in court, and according to CNN’s report the couple pleads not guilty. Richard Heene’s lawyer told the court his client accepted full responsibility and asked for his wife not to go to jail. Both received time in jail, 4 years probation, and 100 (Richard) and 120 (Mayumi) hours of community service. The couple can in no way profit from the balloon hoax involving their son Falcon Heene. Restitution was ordered but specifics were not given.

Mayumi Heene will be allowed to serve her jail time after her husband is done serving his time. His time will begin January 11th and after serving a full 30 days in jail he will be allowed to complete the last 60 days in a work release program. Mayumi Heene was given the option of serving her time over weekends consecutively allowing her to be home during the week. Personally I would be going in on the weekends and allowing super dad of the year to take care of his kids while mom gets to rest.

I cannot imagine the fall out Falcon Heene may have received in the days initially following his words on National television as the family was interviewed by Wolfe Blitzer on CNN saying “you said we did it for the show.” Falcon Heene looked confused and uncertain as he looked to mom and then dad for guidance. Hopefully the children will receive counseling and understand that they are in no way to be blamed for the actions and choices of the parents.

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