Sean Goldman International Custody Battle Ends

Sean Goldman now 9 years old has finally been reunited with his dad David Goldman at the American Consulate in Brazil after a 5-year custody battle. Initially Sean Goldman went with his biological mother Bruna Bianchi to visit relatives Brazil when he was 4 years old for a 2 week vacation. Yet Bruna Bianchi failed to return to the USA, filing for divorce and eventually remarrying an influential Brazilian lawyer, named Joao Paulo Lins E Silva.

Sean Goldman became a boy stuck in the middle of an international 5 year custody dispute. To make a very long story short, last year Bruna Bianchi Sean’s mom died while in the process of delivering another child. Joao Paulo Lins E Silva, a prominent divorce lawyer and Sean’s stepfather obtained temporary custody of Sean Goldman, continuing the fight to keep Sean in Brazil with his maternal grandmother’s family.

This week the Brazilian courts ruled that Sean Goldman is to return to the USA with his father David Goldman. David Goldman lives in New Jersey. How tragic that a parent, a mother would choose to kidnap her child across international boundaries and keep a son from his father. Now perhaps a father and son can reunite and begin the process of reuniting with each other at home. Merry Christmas David Goldman and with your son by your side this can only be a good year ahead in 2010.

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