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The Faces of Meth

It is called the Faces of Meth. The Faces of Meth show people who use methamphetamine over a period of years. In 3-5 years people using Meth age 20-30 years. It is not pretty; actually it is a hideous process. What this writer fails to understand is how Methamphetamine came about in the first place.

If you are not familiar with the ingredients that go into making methamphetamine you might find yourself surprised and horrified at the same time. Some or all of the ingredients I am going to list go into making methamphetamine. You will wonder how or why anyone would ever willingly decide to smoke, inject, or use crystal meth once he or she knows what the toxic ingredients are – it is simply beyond comprehension.

This is only a partial list of methamphetamine ingredients:
Gasoline additives
Rubbing Alcohol
Starter Fluid
Paint thinner
Anhydrous ammonia
Drano Drain cleaner
Muriatic acid
Battery acid
Ephedrine Cold tablets

Perhaps now you may understand why meth labs are so explosive, poisonous, and downright dangerous!

Homes that have housed a methamphetamine lab must be decontaminated in a special way or the walls, floors, and ceilings remain toxic for years. States are passing laws that Meth Houses be reported to authorities not unlike an STD or sexually transmitted disease. These way authorities can be sure the house is effectively decontaminated.

What is amazing to this writer is that methamphetamine came about in the first place. I mean what idiot said lets cook anhydrous ammonia, brake fluid, Drano and battery acid all together. Who cares if it is an explosive combination? Then, hey bubba, what do you say we smoke this crap? No. Well how about we inject it into our veins? Seriously!

People have inadvertently bought a home that use to house a meth lab and have reported feeling gravely ill within hours of living in a previous meth home. Seeing doctor after specialist did little to alleviate their troublesome and frightening symptoms. Many have moved out of these contaminated homes when it was discovered to be a previous methamphetamine lab. These same people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars when unable to sell or live in their home.

I will never understand how any parent can allow children to live in and around a methamphetamine lab. Watch Cops and you will see babies crawling on the floors and carpets and mouthing furniture seething with the toxins of methamphetamine. How incredibly sad to think a parent cares that little about their child to not submit him or her to the toxicity of making methamphetamine.

Research says methamphetamine is so addicting that by the time someone takes one hit off a crystal meth pipe that he or she is addicted before they exhale. Once addicted methamphetamine takes its horrid toll and the trip can be one from hell leading the user to experience symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Eventually meth users find themselves in a dark place, one that holds little hope of ever finding their way out back into the light.

Meth users are known to hallucinate, believing bugs are crawling on or in them leading the user to “tweak” or pick their skin all over resulting in small open sores all over their body as they try to pick off the “bugs” they imagine are infesting their body. Once you have seen “meth mouth” you will never forget the aggressive erosion of tooth enamel, tooth structure, gums and oral tissue that happens from using meth.

Meth is known on the street by many names like: Ice, Crank, Crystal, Crystal Glass, Crystal Meth, Meth, Christina, Tina, Cris, Cristy, Ice, Speed, Poor Man’s Coke, Redneck Cocaine, and Working Man’s Cocaine, amongst hundreds of other various nick names. Sadly, meth use is growing and meth makers are even using car trunks and vans to make meth in what is known as mobile meth labs. Trust me you do not want to hit one of these mobile meth labs!