Marie Osmond’s 18 Year Old Son Michael Blosil is Dead

My prayers to Marie Osmond who is grieving the loss of her son Michael Bosil. There is nothing worse than the death of a child. Your life changes forever. I pray that angels bring strength and warm healing light to Marie Osmond and her family as they grieve over the death of Michael Blosil.

4 thoughts on “Marie Osmond’s 18 Year Old Son Michael Blosil is Dead

  1. Erika Lyn Smith Post author

    I have heard Michael Blosil’s death is confirmed a suicide. Sadly many teens feel their situation is hopeless and impulsively chose to end their life. The teen years are difficult for both parent and child and both need to know it will get better and they will come through the darkness and back into the light in due time.

    My prayers are with the Osmond family. Their is nothing worse than burying a child…regardless of the reason.

    I have not heard the suicide is in any way connected to Nancy Grace.


  2. sheriperl

    I lost my son Danny to an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs on July 1, 2008. He was 22 years old. It has been devastating. The only thing that has helped me at all is my knowledge of the spirit world and the ability to “connect up” with Danny through thoughts, feelings, signs and of course, reputable mediums. Because Dan has made me aware, (through communications with medium Glenn Dove) that he feels and is uplifted by our prayers for him, I have started a Prayer Registry for parents who have lost children. In this way many of us can link up in thought and send group prayers out to each child registered on the anniversary day of their passing. The registry has not yet been in existence for a year and already we have heard from some of the kids, (through mediums) that the prayers are very helpful. My Danny describes it as “catching rides”. The families on this side also report feeling supported by these prayers. Please read about the Prayer Registry, for which there is no charge, at my website: and please help me to spread the word. I’d like to see this open up to a much larger group. Thank you!

  3. sheriperl

    Thank you Erika for your kind comment. I do this work because it helps me. I have always loved helping other, however, there is a selfish aspect to it, for it lifts my heart!

    I am hoping to get the word out about the Prayer Registry because I feel strongly that it is a good thing for everyone involved. Please let anyone you know ,who is grieving the loss of a child, about the Prayer Registry which can be read about that my website: Thank you!!


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