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Margaret Gipsy Moth

A sad day for photojournalists across the world tonight, yet I am sure Margaret Gipsy Moth is sliding (on her combat boots) straight into heaven saying “Wow! What a ride!”

May Margaret Moth R.I.P. as she has certainly earned her wings, as a photojournalist for CNN, Margaret Moth stood fearless in almost any situation. She barely survived being hit by a sniper’s rifle in Sarajavo during the war in 1992 but returned to Sarajavo as soon as physical able. She gives the words “no fear” new meaning.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

JK Wedding Entrance Dance Video on You Tube.

Jill and Kevin’s Big Day!

This is the BEST wedding video!

Thank you Jill and Kevin for sharing your day!

Your video is an incredibly uplifting celebration of love that always brings a smile to my face.

I play this video when I need a pick me up!

What a wonderful tribute to LOVE and love should be a celebration.

We are truly blessed if we ever find our ONE true love (that one person who is our kindred spirit).

The love we feel should be celebrated everyday!

I truly hope that if Jill or Kevin ever doubt their love that they watch their video and remember the love that brought them to this day!


Bianca Noel Piper – Missing

Bianca Noel Piper has been missing for 5 years now. At the time of her disappearance she was just 13 year old. Today Bianca would be 18. Sadly I learned through a Post Dispatch article that Bianca’s father passed away last year from a heart attack. In happier news, her older sister had a baby girl. As the Post Dispatch pointed out Bianca is now an aunt.

Bianca’s mother Shannon Tanner has left the house where she lived with Bianca and moved to Saint Charles Missouri. If you are familiar with the story regarding Bianca’s disappearance you know her family lived in Foley, Missouri in the country. The night Bianca Piper disappeared she argued with her mom regarding washing the dishes.

Many people question Bianca’s mom’s decision to follow the advice of a therapist who recommended that Bianca walk off her anger. The night of Bianca’s disappearance, Shannon Tanner drove her daughter up the road from their home and dropped her off by the bridge to walk back home. She had a flashlight because it was dusk. Bianca never made it home.

Hindsight in parenting is always 20/20. As a mother I myself have made decisions that I later questioned if it was the right decision. At the time with the information we have we do the best we can do, knowing most of the time it works out in the end. Sometimes the ending is unexpected, unexplainable, and tragic. Yet it is so easy to question the parenting decisions of other people.

In reality only God, Bianca and her mom know what transpired that evening in Foley Missouri. It is not our job to question, that is what law enforcement is for. Our job is to pray for Bianca’s safe return, and to pray that the person or people who do know what happened to Bianca that night come forward and allow Bianca to come home one way or another.

Real Baby Starves as Korean Couple Nurtures Online Super Baby

A South Korean couple supposedly grieving over the loss of their jobs nurtured a super baby in an online game while their own premature baby slowly starved to death. The couple allegedly only fed their infant one time a day but was spending an obscene amount of time raising a virtual super baby. The virtual online baby displays super-powers as it is nurtured and grows in the fantasy 3D game from Prius Online.