Monthly Archives: April 2010

Stripper Mobile

Saint Louis is again making news! This time not for having the highest crime or chlamydia rate, but for the newest Saint Louis attraction – the stripper mobile.

Yes, a moving van with plexiglass sides sporting a shiny pole and scantily clad women. Seriously?! How does this NOT violate seatbelt or distracted driving laws? People leaving a Cardinal’s game at Busch Stadium have a new attraction to look for as they travel home after a ball game.

Hank, Hank he is NOT our man!

Is it possible anyone is this uneducated? Seriously?! Who voted for this guy? I am more frightened each passing day at how our society is spiralling out of control and raising a society of fragile and uneducated people. If you ever wondered why Japan and other countries laugh at the United States of America, this will answer that question. Please enjoy an educational moment by Congressman Hank Johnson.