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Distracted Driving – Video

Warning: The video is graphic…yet everyone should watch it and consider how one person can affect so many lives with one impulsive and carelessly thought out action.

In essence everyone is in a hurry to do what – get nowhere fast. In the end if you do not arrive alive or you have to live with the fact that your distracted and hurried driving hurt or killed someone else what will it matter if you were early or late. One mistake, one bad choice, one rushed action can lead to a devastating consequence.

Hang up the cell phone, put down MP3 player, turn down your radio, stop eating, drinking, dressing, undressing, reading, computing and WATCH what you are doing when you are behind the wheel of a car. It is called distracted driving. One mistake…one second of taking your eyes off the road…one time and it is over. Maybe you live, but who wants to live with the knowledge that he or she is responsible for hurting or killing someone. The life you save maybe your own, or the life of someone you love.

On the way to work last week I was hit from behind. Not especially hard…and I am ok, but the 2 people in the white car behind me that hit me decided to drive off and leave the scene of an accident. Why? I do not know. We were travelling at less than 15 MPH crossing an overpass @ 1040 pm as people were working construction on the over pass and it was down to one lane.

Do you wonder if the person you hit was hurt? What if I had my children in the car with me? My husband has been the victim of several car accidents (none of them his fault) but do to the careless hurried actions of others he has had 4 neck surgeries and lives with chronic daily pain. Had you hit him that night or had he been in my tan/gold ford Windstar van, he might be paralyzed. Another accident, even a minor one might not kill him, but it might change our lives significantly.

No one seems to want to accept accountability for the consequences of their actions. Everyone wants to find someone else to blame. In the end the only person who will be there for you is you and you have to live with your choices. We all make bad choices every day, but hopefully the choices we make do not hurt or kill someone, because when the sunsets you still have to close your eyes and try to forget who you hurt, endangered or killed. Sweet Dreams!

Alisa Maier Safe – Paul Sterling Smith Dead

Alisa Maier Safe – Paul Sterling Smith Dead
Erika Lyn Smith, BellaOnline’s Missing and Exploited Children Editor
Alisa Maier’s safe return is a testament to the effectiveness an Amber Alert can play in helping a community find an abducted child. Alisa Maier is home safe after being kidnapped by convicted child predator Paul Sterling Smith. Learn how the Amber Alert worked to save this child.

Paul Sterling Smith – Convicted Sex Offender

A woman has come forward detailing her history of living with Alisa Maier’s abductor when Paul Sterling Smith was in his twenties. The boy Smith was convicted of sodomizing was her 10 year old son. Paul Sterling Smith was convicted and served 11 years in prison.

Those eleven years are a drop in the bucket considering the lifetime of memories he gave one family. Memories that may now fade a little since Paul Sterling Smith made a choice to end his life when confronted by law enforcement in the kidnapping of 4 year old Alisa Maier from Louisiana Missouri.

I have to continue to wonder if Paul Sterling Smith may have been involved in Angie Marie Housman’s kidnapping and murder (Saint Ann Missouri) or perhaps Charles Arlin Henderson (Moscow Mills Missouri) or Tracy Pickett (Joplin Missouri) or Scott Kleeschulte (Saint Charles)? Perhaps there will be answers as the investigation continues into the life and death of convicted sex offender Paul Sterling Smith.

I pray for those who were hurt by Paul Sterling Smith, for Paul himself, for Paul’s family, for Alisa Maier, and for the family of Alisa Maier. The world feels a little safer tonight for children in Missouri. Perhaps as the day fades into night those hurt by Paul Smith will find some peace.

Paul Sterling Smith (Possible Kidnapper of Alisa Maier) DEAD

As police closed in on Paul Sterling Smith a convicted child sex offender believed to be the kidnapper of 4 year old Alisa Maier as she played in her front yard in Louisiana Missouri on Monday he attempted suicide from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

It was initially reported that he had died at the scene on Highway D at HawkPoint in Lincoln County. Authorities later clarified Paul Sterling Smith was in critical condition at a local hospital. Today it was announced that Paul Smith died from a self inflicted gunshot around 1034 last night. They are certain that Paul Sterling Smith is the man who took Alisa Maier, as evidenced in video footage of Paul Smith in a Wal-mart store showing the man buying clothes for the abducted child.

In addition, Alisa Maier was wearing those same clothes when she was found wandering a car wash in Fenton Missouri. Her hair had been cut short. And when Alisa Maier saw a picture of Paul Smith on the news her family reports she stated “that man cut my hair.”

Paul Sterling Smith was out of jail only 2 weeks. He has previously served time in prison for sodomizing a 10 year old male back in 1995. How many children has Paul Smith destroyed ove the years. Two years before Paul Smith went to prison in 1995 Angie Marie Housman was kidnapped and murdered. Was Paul Sterling Smith in the Saint Loius area at that time? Could he have been involved in the abduction and murder of Angie Maire Housman?

I pray for the day Angie Marie Housman’s killer is identified. Please GOD let us find Angie’s killer!

Alisa Maier Found Alive!!!

Late last night Alisa was found wandering a car wash. Initially reports stated a little boy was wandering the car wash but it turns out Alisa has had her hair cut maybe to disguise her looks. Also at this time there is a report of a possible shooting that may involve the perpetrator in Lincoln County. Authorities state another murder that happened in Troy over the weekend may also be connected to Alisa Maier’s abduction.

Amber Alert – Alisha Maier

A 4 year old girl has been abducted from Louisiana Missouri. Please contact authorities if you know the where about of this little girl.
Alisa Maier has brown hair, brown eyes, weighs 40 pounds and is three feet tall. She was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jean shorts. Her abductor may be a white male in his teens or early 20’s with dark curly hair.

The vehicle is believed to be a black four door car that may have front hood damage.

Anyone with information about Alisa is encouraged to call police. The direct line for investigators is 573-754-4021. You can also call 314-612-3000 or e-mail if you have any information in this case.