Daily Archives: April 14, 2014

Adrianne Haslet Davis and Survivor Rights

One problem with all the shootings occurring in our nation is that the shooter often receives a great deal of attention in the aftermath of the tragedy. After Sandy Hook, there was great speculation about the shooter and his mental health. Then the relationship between the shooter and his mother. Then the eye fell on the shooter’s mother, questioning why she did or did not do so many things that may or may not have changed the outcome that very sad, sad day.

I do not mention the names of perpetrators on my sites unless the person is on the loose or the event is unfolding as I am writing and the name belongs to someone who is responsible and still a danger to the public in general. I do not believe those that harm others deserve any time in the spotlight for their actions. When we give time in the spotlight for someone who has caused great harm to others, we are in a sense idealizing the person to others who are as mentally unstable or simply sociopathic.

I was sad to learn about a Boston bombing survivor that was to appear on Meet the Press that may have been mislead in getting her to appear on the show. According to the tweets of Adrianne Haslet-Davis a dancer who lost part of her left leg in the bombings last year she left the studio in tears when told the perpetrators name may be spoken on the show. Really was it worth the pain it may have caused a survivor to give the bastards that have caused so much pain and blood shed to our country to lose the insight and courage that our nation could have shared with Adrianne Haslet-Davis.

It seems that more and more often in “our great nation” that criminals have all the rights. God forbid we do not want to step on their rights! It would be unfair to give the survivors the respect and rights they deserve. After all they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so why should they have rights?! Seriously, what is wrong with this nation is the fact that criminals rights are placed before victim’s rights everyday.

And, before you ask me do I believe “someone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”…Yes, I do, sometimes. I do not believe it when the criminal posts his or her actions online, discusses it on their FB page, or it is clearly caught on camera and quite clear that the person is guilty. I also, believe is not focusing on the evil in this world when there are so many incredibly strong survivors that refuse to be a victim.

Boston, you are an incredible town and I am in awe at all the runners that persevere and are returning one year later to show the evil bastards that they cannot bring America down. Hope prevails in the darkness of evil.