Malaysian Flight MH370 Confirmed Lost at Sea

The Malaysian Prime Minister has sadly confirmed to the public that the Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 has been confirmed lost in the Indian Ocean near Perth, Australia. Items located on satellite radar is now believed to be consistent with life vests that are bright orange. Relatives of the passengers on flight MH370 have been given the news that all lives are lost at sea. My prayers are with the families as they begin to accept the news that everyone expected, but hoped would not be true.

The American Navy is flying a device to the area believed to be where Malaysian flight MH370 ended in the ocean that is highly sensitive and may be able to locate the black box from the aircraft by detecting the ping given off when a plane crashes. Hopefully, the black box if located may bring answers that have been so frustratingly far and few between. Perhaps it will provide the answers as to why the plane seemed to fluctuate between 35,000 feet and 12,000 feet during its flight.


How does a Boeing 777 disappear with out a trace?

It is going on two weeks since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 vanished into thin air. Is it magic? Was David Copperfield onboard the flight? Perhaps, Stephen King was sitting in one of the rows? 

Three days into the disappearance during a press conference I remember specifically hearing the following words..

 “We are intensifying the search for the missing airliner.”

Seriously?! Who would have imagined going into day three we would be intensifying the search. Day three, and, there is still no clues about what happened to a Boeing 777 carrying 239 people, including the 12 person flight crew. The Boeing jet was headed to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, only 40 minutes into its flight when it appeared to have disappeared off the grid.

Now, almost two weeks later we know that  239 people and a BIG airplane remains a mystery. I cannot imagine how the family members are dealing with the emotional toll day after day of not knowing where there loved one is and if he or she is dead or alive.

I am praying…for the crew and passengers, and their families, for the answers about what happened to the plane and the people.

Is anyone else surprised that the plane’s transponder could be shut of from inside the cockpit? Why would it ever be required to be shut off anyway?

Gee Wally I was feeling so safe and secure with all the changes implemented since 9-11, but now…

The Aurora Colorado Shooter is a Coward

As I read and learn more about the mass shooting in Aurora Colorado, I cannot help thinking “what a coward” the shooter was. I will not mention that cowards name here for he deserves no recognition for his actions that have destroyed countless lives and families. While discussing the tragedy with my husband I referred to the shooter as a coward. My husband asked, “Why does everyone call him a coward?”

I responded to his question…he is a coward because he attacked people in a crowded, very dark, noisy movie theatre. Throwing up a smoke screen to further confuse and disorient his victims and shooting those who tried to escape. At the time, I had not yet officially had time to read any news sources about the shooting, instead hearing most of the information second hand from fellow employees as they arrived for work early Friday morning.

Then last light as I scanned the news regarding the incident I noticed many referred to the shooter as a coward and I realized he truly was a coward. The shooter presented in a sneak attack in the middle of the night, shooting children in the arms of their parent in a place synonymous with family fun. He was wearing full SWAT like gear to protect himself from the police he knew would arrive quickly in the mayhem, booby trapping his apartment with trip wires connected to massive amounts of explosive, chemical and incendiary devices which could harm and destroy many more lives after he is arrested…simply put he was a coward.

He scurried into the theatre under the cover of darkness and in full gear, armed to the hilt with 4 guns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition, up to no good, causing disease and death in his path for years to come. He was definitely a coward. I am pretty sure that not even God can help him now and then I began to wonder what would happen if the world prayed for this coward in the passing days. Pray that he sees the darkness he carries with him and forcing him into the light of complete and utter realization of the evil inside his mind, body, and spirit. So, I will pray…

I will pray that he sees each victim’s eyes watching him every time tries to sleep. I pray he remains sleepless and tormented by those watching him from beyond heavens gates. I pray that when he finally falls into an exhausted sleep he dreams vividly in full color and in bright light the families he tried to destroy with his cowardly actions and sees that they only grow stronger as the days past. I pray he sees clearly all that he has done in the days ahead and that he is never able to forget the torment he has placed upon his own family. Yes, I think I will pray for the coward, but only after, I have prayed for those innocent men, women and children in Aurora Colorado first.

I pray angels fly above them, angels fly below them and angels fly all around the families affected in Aurora Colorado bathing the victims healing from physical, emotional and spiritual wounds in warm white bright healing light. I pray angels protect the families and loved ones present in the theatre in the long hard days ahead and that everyone who reads of this tragedy never take for granted how fragile life is and how much they love those around them. I pray…

The Dangers of Ivory Wave and Starry Nights Synthetic Bath Salts

The Dangers of Ivory Wave and Starry Nights Synthetic Bath Salts

Synthetic bath salts like Ivory Wave, Starry Nights, White Rush and Vanilla Sky are being ingested to obtain a very dangerous legal high similar to cocaine.

White Rush, Starry Nights, Ivory Wave and Vanilla Sky are the names of synthetic bath salts that are being sold in specialty stores including smoke shops and on the internet. The bath salts are marketed in packets of 250 milligrams which is less than the size of a sugar packet from a local restaurant. The cost varies depending on where the bath salts are purchased, but usually sell for around 40 dollars. Although most of the bath salts come printed with a specific warning stating that it is not for human consumption young adults, especially teenagers, are ingesting, snorting, smoking, and injecting bath salts to obtain what is being called a legal high.

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Distracted Driving – Video

Warning: The video is graphic…yet everyone should watch it and consider how one person can affect so many lives with one impulsive and carelessly thought out action.

In essence everyone is in a hurry to do what – get nowhere fast. In the end if you do not arrive alive or you have to live with the fact that your distracted and hurried driving hurt or killed someone else what will it matter if you were early or late. One mistake, one bad choice, one rushed action can lead to a devastating consequence.

Hang up the cell phone, put down MP3 player, turn down your radio, stop eating, drinking, dressing, undressing, reading, computing and WATCH what you are doing when you are behind the wheel of a car. It is called distracted driving. One mistake…one second of taking your eyes off the road…one time and it is over. Maybe you live, but who wants to live with the knowledge that he or she is responsible for hurting or killing someone. The life you save maybe your own, or the life of someone you love.

On the way to work last week I was hit from behind. Not especially hard…and I am ok, but the 2 people in the white car behind me that hit me decided to drive off and leave the scene of an accident. Why? I do not know. We were travelling at less than 15 MPH crossing an overpass @ 1040 pm as people were working construction on the over pass and it was down to one lane.

Do you wonder if the person you hit was hurt? What if I had my children in the car with me? My husband has been the victim of several car accidents (none of them his fault) but do to the careless hurried actions of others he has had 4 neck surgeries and lives with chronic daily pain. Had you hit him that night or had he been in my tan/gold ford Windstar van, he might be paralyzed. Another accident, even a minor one might not kill him, but it might change our lives significantly.

No one seems to want to accept accountability for the consequences of their actions. Everyone wants to find someone else to blame. In the end the only person who will be there for you is you and you have to live with your choices. We all make bad choices every day, but hopefully the choices we make do not hurt or kill someone, because when the sunsets you still have to close your eyes and try to forget who you hurt, endangered or killed. Sweet Dreams!

Alisa Maier Safe – Paul Sterling Smith Dead

Alisa Maier Safe – Paul Sterling Smith Dead
Erika Lyn Smith, BellaOnline’s Missing and Exploited Children Editor
Alisa Maier’s safe return is a testament to the effectiveness an Amber Alert can play in helping a community find an abducted child. Alisa Maier is home safe after being kidnapped by convicted child predator Paul Sterling Smith. Learn how the Amber Alert worked to save this child.