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Elizabeth Olten Missing Child Alert

This missing child alert is for 9 year old Elizabeth Olten from Saint Martin’s Missouri. Elizabeth Olten is in fourth grade and was reported missing by her family when she did not return home from a friend’s house on October 21. Elizabeth Olten’s family quickly contacted police to report her missing around 7 pm when she failed to arrive home after leaving a friend’s home around 6:15 pm. Elizabeth Olten’s home is reported to be less than a quarter mile from her friend’s home.

In between the two homes are four houses, which backup to a wooded area. In that wooded area authorities had been able to ping the missing child’s cell phone, but subsequent searches by authorities have been unable to locate the cell phone or Elizabeth Olten. Authorities continue to search for Elizabeth Olten a missing 9 year old girl who lives in Saint Martin’s Missouri in the wooded area but have been unable to ping the child’s cell phone any further likely due to a dead battery.

Elizabeth Olten’s family told authorities they do not believe Elizabeth would have entered the wooded area by herself as she is afraid of the dark and afraid of the woods. This means either Elizabeth was forced to enter the woods and dropped her cell phone or her cell phone was places in the woods by someone else. Authorities are searching for Elizabeth Olten in the area of Saint Martin Missouri specifically in the area of the 600 block to 200 block of Rte. D.

Please contact the Cole County Sheriff’s Department at 573-634-9100 if you have any information regarding Elizabeth Olten’s disappearance. Elizabeth Olten has long brown hair, brown eyes, is 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 102 pounds. At the time she disappeared Elizabeth Olten was wearing a pink scarf, pink shirt, pink sweater, blue jeans and white gym shoes. Here is Elizabeth Olten’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children missing child poster.

Elizabeth Olten’s body has been found deep in the woods near her home. The authorities were led to the body by a juvenile who is also listed as a person of interest. Further information to follow.

According to the Chicago Tribune a juvenile has been arrested in the murder of Elizabeth Olten. Olten age 9 disappeared on her way home from a friend’s house. The juvenile according to authorities is 15 and can be tried as an adult.