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Kiva Uncovered

Kiva.org promoted itself as a new personalized level of financial assistance for individuals in third world countries. The bright star Kiva presented to our world was bright and shining and allowed a single mom of two small children like myself to help someone in another world who was working hard to make the world a better place on their end.

The Kiva system allowed individuals to lend money to a real person, a person with a face, and a story, and a need. I enjoyed reading through the real world stories of the people Kiva was helping to find the right person for me to lend money. That special person who struck a chord in my heart, and that Kiva allowed me to use small amounts which were feasible for a single mother of two small children to handle in these hard times.

The need remains but the mystery is gone. I now question how accurate the stories of individual needs really may have been or if someone at Kiva.org was hired simply to write the words to sell the loan to those who thought there was a person or face behind the story to help.