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Prayers for Emerson

Emerson White is a little girl whom I began following a few years ago. Emerson has been through two multi-organ transplants, and has spent much of her short life in the Omaha Children’s Hospital. She has been through more in her three short years of life than many adults face in a lifetime or can ever imagine!

Emerson is stronger than anyone I know except her incredible mom Erika (not this Erika)! Erika White has kept a running journal on Emerson’s progress and struggles at www.CotaForEmersonW.com and her writing is emotive. Sadly, the White’s are spending another Christmas apart as Emerson is hospitalized again in Omaha while father, Jim White, and 2 brothers, Colin and Bradley live in Colorado, the White’s hometown. Please take a moment to keep them in your prayers as you gather with your family and friends. If you can take a moment to say a prayer or read about Emerson you will not regret getting to know this incredible princess warrior. I love you Emerson and Erika!