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Jaycee Lee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard disappeared June 10, 1991. At the time of her disappearance she was 11 years old. She had been waiting to board her school bus when she was kidnapped. Her step-father, the only person witness to her kidnapping, and the last person to see her that morning and throughout the years he has fallen under great scrutiny by law enforcement, family, and even strangers.

Then in August, Jaycee Dugard now age 29 was found, alive! She had been held captive by a pedophile and his wife, Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Jaycee has 2 daughters resulting from the abuse inflicted upon her by her captor. Jaycee has been reunited with her family and everyone is working on reconnecting and beginning a new life outside the prison of Phillip Garrido managed to hide from the outside world.

A picture on the cover of People magazine shows Jaycee since her captivity. The brightness in her beautiful eyes is heartwarming. This incredible woman is not letting this experience define her that is obvious. What a wonderful ending to 18 years of sadness and mystery. Welcome home Jaycee Dugard!

John Evander Couey is Dead

John Evander Couey is dead, at 51. He died September 30th while on Florida’s death row. A convicted child sex offender, Couey was sentenced to death in 2007 for the horrific kidnapping and murder of 9 year old Jessica Marie Lunsford. On February 23, 2005, John Evander Couey took Jessica Marie Lunsford from her bed, where lived with her father, Mark, and her paternal grandparents in Homosassa, Florida. John Evander Couey was living in a trailer home less than 200 yards from the Lunsford’s home. He was a convicted sex offender at the time he abducted Jessica. Before burying Jessica alive he kept her in a closet and sexually assaulted her. Police questioned Couey and it is believed Jessica may have been alive and in the trailer at the times police were at his door. Couey blamed drugs and alcohol on why he killed Jessica, and had voiced remorse on his actions saying he “feels sorry for her parents.” Personally the world feels safer knowing this sick pedophile will never hurt another child.

Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez

Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez is an illegal alien. He is also a pedophile, and his story is featured on America’s Most Wanted. Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez is wanted for sexual assault on a minor child. He was initially arrested in 1997, but according to AMW he managed to make bail and then poof! He disappeared into thin air!

Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez may have returned to his homeland of Mexico (although the sexual assaults took place in Hartford, CT,) he has family in Oaxaca. Past history shows that when Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez consumes alcohol his mood becomes verbally and physically aggressive and abusive.

If you have seen this pedophile please call local authorities immediately. Carlos has many identifying tattoos on his body. The descriptions of Carlos and his tattoos is posted on AMW website. He can alter his appearance but he cannot hide his tattoos!

Remember to use extreme caution when in the presence of this man. Do you know where this pedophile is hiding? Please call authorities if you have information about Carlos Andres Lopez-Marquez, and thank-you for looking out for America’s Children.