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Heene’s Sentenced for Balloon Hoax

Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi appeared in court, and according to CNN’s report the couple pleads not guilty. Richard Heene’s lawyer told the court his client accepted full responsibility and asked for his wife not to go to jail. Both received time in jail, 4 years probation, and 100 (Richard) and 120 (Mayumi) hours of community service. The couple can in no way profit from the balloon hoax involving their son Falcon Heene. Restitution was ordered but specifics were not given.

Mayumi Heene will be allowed to serve her jail time after her husband is done serving his time. His time will begin January 11th and after serving a full 30 days in jail he will be allowed to complete the last 60 days in a work release program. Mayumi Heene was given the option of serving her time over weekends consecutively allowing her to be home during the week. Personally I would be going in on the weekends and allowing super dad of the year to take care of his kids while mom gets to rest.

I cannot imagine the fall out Falcon Heene may have received in the days initially following his words on National television as the family was interviewed by Wolfe Blitzer on CNN saying “you said we did it for the show.” Falcon Heene looked confused and uncertain as he looked to mom and then dad for guidance. Hopefully the children will receive counseling and understand that they are in no way to be blamed for the actions and choices of the parents.

Richard Heene Claims Family Privacy Violated

Richard and Mayumi Heene have been accused of using their children in a hoax. Mayumi Heene has confessed in an affidavit that her husband’s balloon stunt was a planned out hoax. Now Richard Heene wants the sheriff charged for violating his privacy.

The Heene’s call 911 telling them their child is floating above Colorado in a homemade balloon that resembles a giant jiffy pop and allow the public to believe their child is in danger for hours. Then act surprised that millions of people feel deceived and instead of owning up to what he has done he begins to attack those that tried to help him and his family.

Yes, there is a statue that prohibits the sheriff from telling anyone that the family is being investigated by child protective services, yet when you place your family on national television and say your child is missing and floating above the earth you lose all rights to privacy. The temper seen on a brief homemade video by the Heene’s as the balloon floated off is frightening. I cannot imagine how the temper flared toward Falcon after he said on national television during a Wolf Blitzer CNN interview, “you said we did it for the show”.

Placing your children knowingly in danger is unacceptable. Richard Heene has certainly made it evident that taking his small children into the eye of a storm multiple times is family fun and not cause for concern. Frightening!

Balloon Incident Declared a Hoax

CNN News is reporting that the balloon incident last week in Fort Collins Colorado has been determined by the Sheriff to have been a publicity stunt. The balloon incident involving the Heene family is officially denounced as a hoax. How sad I feel for six year old Falcon Heene. I cannot imagine his emotional turmoil at this time. Falcon has already been placed repeatedly in the spotlight by his parents Richard and Mayumi Heene since the story broke last week when a nation watched anxiously as a BIG silver balloon floated over Colorado, fearing six year old Falcon Heene was possibly onboard.

In the end it was a child’s innocent response to one question that was asked during Larry King Live hosted by Wolf Blitzer that sparked a debate as to whether the whole balloon incident may have been a publicity stunt or hoax. Falcon Heene’s response to the question did you hear mom or dad calling you…lead to “if you heard us calling you why didn’t you come out” asks Richard Heene. Then Falcon looks surprised and confused as he looks at his mom and dad for guidance as he says “because you said we did this for the show”.

At that time Richard Heene became obviously flustered answering “yes” and then trying to get his son to clarify what did “for the show” mean. When his innocent little boy failed to save him, the father turns his anger toward Wolf Blitzer and CNN News saying “I am appalled as to where this line of questioning is leading”.

Falcon Heene will likely deal with deep emotional scars in the years ahead as his parents face legal and monetary issues regarding this incident. I hope Falcon Heene learns soon that it was an adult decision for whatever he was told to do, and adults are the ones responsible for teaching their children right from wrong.

How horrid this boy was made to stay in an attic above the garage by himself while the nation waited in fear as a balloon floated over Fort Collins Colorado. How many lives were endangered in the air and ground search and rescue efforts? How many lives were delayed as planes were diverted around the low flying balloon shaped like a flying saucer shaped balloon on commercial flights? How many thousands of dollars were spent looking for a boy whom his parents knew was safe the whole time and may have taken away from someone who had a real need that day?

I am simply appalled at the audacity of some parents who will use children to play the system. Falcon Heene please know America loves you and is so happy you are safe and sound, and I am so sorry that the adults in your life made bad choices for you and your brothers. For now I will pray for the Heene family as I simply do not know what else to do. I pray that angels fly above, fly below and fly all around the Heene’s, especially Bradford, Ryo, and Falcon in the trying days ahead.

According to CNN News Mayumi Heene has admitted that her husband Richard Heene built the homemade balloon strictly in preparation for a hoax to make the family more marketable on reality television. The Heene’s instructed all three of their children on what to say to authorities and that their son Falcon was safe at home the whole time.

Richard Heene Faces Charges From Police or FAA

Richard and Mayumi Heene spent several hours at the Sheriff’s department Saturday being re-questioned regarding the incident earlier this week involving one of Richard’s experiments. According to CNN News, charges may be filed against Richard or Mayumi by police as early as Sunday. Questions remain about what exactly may have happened when Richard Heene’s flying saucer type Mylar silver balloon went airborne from the Heene’s backyard.

Other questions have come to light and remain unanswered since the couple’s six year old son Falcon Heene made a comment about “you said we did this for the show.” After that comment Richard Heene appeared very uncomfortable with further questioning by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who was hosting the Larry King Live Show at the time.

The story about Falcon Heene possibly being inside the unmanned aircraft and flying solo over Colorado caused many people to stop their daily activities and stand vigilantly watching the story unfold on CNN and the internet. Air and ground rescues costing thousands and endangering many lives were initiated to track the balloon and then to search for the boy who was not inside the balloon at the time it landed 2 hours after floating away from the Heene’s Fort Collins Colorado neighborhood.

The balloon was apparently a family project that all the Heene’s worked on at times. Falcon Heene told reporters after “appearing” out of nowhere that he hid in the attic in a box above the family’s garage because “he yelled at me”. He refers to Richard Heene. It was Bradford Heene, Falcon’s older brother who reportedly not only saw, but videotaped Falcon climbing inside the balloon.

At the time the balloon escaped the Heene’s were video taping and the home shot video clearly shows there was no other basket or box underneath the balloon at the time. Why then did Richard or Mayumi Heene not clarify that information while there was great debate and speculation that the box/basket may have fallen off from the balloon, possibly with Falcon Heene inside, after it was airborne.

Additional concerns have been voiced about the many interviews the Heene’s have placed the family in since Falcon was found alive, including two interviews that have caused the boy to vomit while being questioned further about the incident. No one is forcing the Heene’s to be interviewed and the stress it is placing on Falcon is obvious through the television and computer screens.

There are concerns voiced by those who wonder about the Heene’s taking their children into dangerous situations such as chasing storms and tornadoes. The authorities have notified Family Services to further investigate if this activity is appropriate, and safe for the Heene children.

Sunday may prove to be an interesting day depending on the news that is released from authorities in Colorado.

Falcon Heene Missing Child Alert

The story began early today when an odd shaped flying object lifted off from a Fort Collins Colorado home possibly with a six year old boy named Falcon Heene inside. The balloon was a work in progress by Falcon Heene’s family. Falcon’s dad Richard Heene apparently loves science and has a website called The Science Detective. Falon’s mom Mayumi Heene was on the show wife swap twice (the family was one of four families viewers choose as a favorite and in March the Heene’s were aired a second time).with her family.

The Heene’s have three boys Bradford, Ryo, and Falcon. The family lives life on the edge, and do not let life or storms pass them by. The family chases storms together. If any child could survive riding around Colorado in a balloon I believe Falcon Heene is well prepared to handle this situation even at the tender age of six years old.

The balloon which is reminiscent of a large Jiffy Pop popcorn container after being popped was followed in the air until it crashed this afternoon. Falcon Heene was not found. An officer for the Sheriff’s department may have seen something fall off or out of the balloon at one point and it is being reported that at one time there was a basket of sorts attached to the bottom of the balloon (whether the basket was attached before the balloon lifted off or not has not been verified).

After the balloon went airborne it is believed one of Falcon Heene’s older brothers reported seeing Falcon inside the balloon. In my mind it is possible the 6 year old boy somehow released the balloon and being afraid his family would be mad, hid somewhere. I hope the authorities will begin a new search in and around the area the balloon has flown and in and around the home of Falcon Heene. Children can easily hide and get stuck in areas like trunks of cars, toy trunks, etc.

After focusing on the balloon for so long perhaps rethinking the possibilities may prove helpful…

News coverage in and around the Fort Collins Colorado area needs to be encouraging all of the local residents to go outside and look in their yards and around their homes for anything unusual and to keep an eye open for items that may be in a field or along a road that could prove to be the basket that was attached to the balloon. Family and friends need to look to see if little boy is hiding in fear from what may happen if mom and dad find out the balloon is gone. He may have fallen asleep in a hiding place and be unaware of the national attention his story has received.

Falcon Heene where are you?

UPDATE: As I posted this just moments ago…
CNN news announced that Falcon Heene has been found. ALIVE! Falcon was hiding in a box in the attic above the garage? Seriously?! I am curious how the house was not torn apart looking first for a six year old who went missing.