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A Christmas Miracle and Tragedy

Natalie Rose Flores is safe thanks to an amber alert and astute police work. The little 5 year old girl was taken in a stranger abduction from her apartment complex in Phoenix Arizona @ 1415 in the afternoon. Police issued an amber alert. Later an officer noticed the same vehicle described in the amber alert and after a brief police chase the girl was rescued. Police are calling this a “Christmas miracle.”

Unfortunately in Salisbury Maryland there was no Christmas miracle, only tragedy, for 11-year-old Sarah H. Foxwell who disappeared Tuesday from her eastern shore home. Sarah Foxwell’s body was found on Christmas near the Delaware state line in a wooded area. Police have arrested is Thomas J. Leggs Jr., 30, a registered sex offender. Thomas J. Leggs is allegedly the last person seen with the little girl, and knew Sarah H. Foxwell’s aunt, Amy Fothergill. Sarah’s aunt apparently was her legal guardian.

According to a story for Yahoo News, a “juvenile witness saw Sarah leave with Tommy in the middle of the night” and a toothbrush missing from her home was found in Leggs pickup truck. According to the national sex offender registry Thomas J. Leggs Jr. was a high risk child offender previously convicted for rape of a person under 16. In addition to this charge he has a long and current arrest history involving assault, burglary, and property damage. Not surprisingly Leggs was not cooperative when questioned by police in the disappearance of Sarah H. Foxwell.