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Needles Inside Brazil Boy

Doctors in Brazil have found dozens of sewing needles inside a two year old boy. The mother claims to have no idea how the needles got inside the boy. The child was brought to the hospital after fussing for several days. When a radiological exam was performed the needles were quite visible inside the boy. Initially medical experts were puzzled as to how the needles found their way inside the boy. That is until his step father Roberto Carlos Magalhaes a Brazilian bricklayer confessed to ritualistic torture of his two year old step-son over several months. Roberto Carlos Magalhaes told Brazilian Police that he “wanted to kill the boy to get back at his partner.” Angelina Ribeiro dos Santos, whom may have been Roberto Carlos Magalhaes lover, and she may have faked trances telling the step-father to stick the needles into the boy so they could be together.

The toddler has had several surgeries to remove needles that threatened his internal organs and his spine and his condition is listed as improving. Sadly many of the needles will be irretrievable which I imagine will cause the toddler a lifetime of pain. Seriously who does this to a child? I believe an eye for an eye, only size is relative so the man and his lover should have finishing nails shoved into their bodies daily for the rest of their lives. How vindictive can one person actually be to another person and why is it people who want to get even with their spouse or significant other always choose to use the children? I just do not get this world. Simply, sick!