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Falcon Heene Missing Child Alert

The story began early today when an odd shaped flying object lifted off from a Fort Collins Colorado home possibly with a six year old boy named Falcon Heene inside. The balloon was a work in progress by Falcon Heene’s family. Falcon’s dad Richard Heene apparently loves science and has a website called The Science Detective. Falon’s mom Mayumi Heene was on the show wife swap twice (the family was one of four families viewers choose as a favorite and in March the Heene’s were aired a second time).with her family.

The Heene’s have three boys Bradford, Ryo, and Falcon. The family lives life on the edge, and do not let life or storms pass them by. The family chases storms together. If any child could survive riding around Colorado in a balloon I believe Falcon Heene is well prepared to handle this situation even at the tender age of six years old.

The balloon which is reminiscent of a large Jiffy Pop popcorn container after being popped was followed in the air until it crashed this afternoon. Falcon Heene was not found. An officer for the Sheriff’s department may have seen something fall off or out of the balloon at one point and it is being reported that at one time there was a basket of sorts attached to the bottom of the balloon (whether the basket was attached before the balloon lifted off or not has not been verified).

After the balloon went airborne it is believed one of Falcon Heene’s older brothers reported seeing Falcon inside the balloon. In my mind it is possible the 6 year old boy somehow released the balloon and being afraid his family would be mad, hid somewhere. I hope the authorities will begin a new search in and around the area the balloon has flown and in and around the home of Falcon Heene. Children can easily hide and get stuck in areas like trunks of cars, toy trunks, etc.

After focusing on the balloon for so long perhaps rethinking the possibilities may prove helpful…

News coverage in and around the Fort Collins Colorado area needs to be encouraging all of the local residents to go outside and look in their yards and around their homes for anything unusual and to keep an eye open for items that may be in a field or along a road that could prove to be the basket that was attached to the balloon. Family and friends need to look to see if little boy is hiding in fear from what may happen if mom and dad find out the balloon is gone. He may have fallen asleep in a hiding place and be unaware of the national attention his story has received.

Falcon Heene where are you?

UPDATE: As I posted this just moments ago…
CNN news announced that Falcon Heene has been found. ALIVE! Falcon was hiding in a box in the attic above the garage? Seriously?! I am curious how the house was not torn apart looking first for a six year old who went missing.